Projects> Creative Virtual Reality: In the Picture

The aim of this project was first to design an art gallery into an interactive virtual environment.

This art gallery is about cubism and guitar.

The user is able to take control of the environment using a guitar and a mouse.

To do so, a java program has been developped for the recognition of the guitar chords.

The 3D virtual art gallery has the shape of a guitar.

The virtual environment contains paintings which are brought to life using 3D and sound interactions.

A guide and a visitor are in the world to make the user feel the ambience of a true art gallery.

The head of the guitar is made of several artist portraits.

Technology used: Unreal engine, 3dsMax, Sony Soundforge, Java.

My responsability within this project was the unreal scripting and the sound effects.

Here are some screenshots of the environment and picture from the demonstration:


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