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The service desk is in charge of many clients.

As a service desk analyst and due to my IT background I was asked to develop a documentation "application" so that the other service desk analysts can have a quick access to a client specific card holding client specific information.


*  Same style and formatting for all the client flashcards

*  The information must be on a A4 page

*  Easy to access and easy to update

*  Gather all the information from each clients

As the nature of the information was the same for all the clients I have implemented the unique XML DTD for all the cards.

I have also implemented the formatting of the XML documents using XSLT so that all the cards have the same style and formatting.

The service desk analysts have access to those flashcards via internet explorer. Due to its exportability it is easy to convert XML documents into other documents such as MS word documents.

This is really helpful to quickly train new analysts and this has improved the efficiency of the team.

Here is an example(Internet Explorer Only):

The unique DTD of the XML application

The XSL file

An example of the XML file

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