Stop smoking - Start Vaping

I succeeded in stopping smoking using electronic cigarette. I was smoking about 15 cigarettes a day. How did I do ?

I started to smoke and vape. In the first weeks I simply replaced one cigarette on a 50% ratio by vaping with normal eliquid containing about 11mg per ml.

After about 2 months I smoked only 3 cigarettes a day: One on the morning, one after lunch and one after dinner.

On the other times of the day I vaped. I then raised the eliquid strength to 18 mg per ml and got e liquid made from tobacco leaf such as houseofliquid eliquids.

Then I did not buy cigarettes anymore and full vaped. Nowadays, if the life is a bit stressful I vape tobacco leaf made eliquid and if life is ok I vape normal eliquid.

That being said there is another way to stop smoking, it is by using "almost" healthy smokeless tobacco like snuff. That is interesting cause you get the nicotine and alkaloids of tobacco using a smokeless process. You can take a look at this website Snuffhouse

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