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The university of Teesside is located in the North East of England.

The university is welcoming students from all over the world.

During my stay at Teesside University it gave me the opportunity to meet different people from different origins and of course starting to appreciate the English way of life.

Although my major activities were studying I had some extra activities: During my first year at university, I was part of the university gospel choir and did several representations in the Cleveland area which was part of the student community action scheme.

I was also part of Interlink, the Teesside university international student association,in which several trips or meals were organised to make the international students, discovering most of the UK well known places such as Cambridge, Newcastle, Liverpool, Lake District, London and etc

I played squash and soccer when the studies gave me the time to do it...

Teesside university school of computing and mathematics where I was spending most of my time. The school provides high level computing facilities and is a centre of excellence in the creative and technical aspects of Computing, Games and Animation, Web and Multimedia.

I did acquired many technical skills at Teesside university but I could have acquired those skills in France. The main difference with the French way of teaching was team working and practical work. I was more independent and the studies I did at Teesside university was in my view more close to what the businesses are requiring.

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